Afric'art Progress – The mirror of African cinema



Afric’Art PROGRESS is an association founded in September 2021 in Paris, by young African filmmakers from the continent, an association for the promotion of African culture. The association focuses on the crossroads between the arts, culture, society and education. Pooling knowledge and know-how, proposing a global project and networking, building a solid link with the international scene.


This project is based on the observation that many cultural projects on the continent are rejected every year by funding committees, due to a lack of artistic or financial creativity, insufficiently solid applications or a lack of funding from the funds themselves.


This is partly due to the fact that some filmmakers are self-taught, and most have not undergone full training. For some, this is remarkable and to be applauded, as talent cannot be learned; they simply need to acquire a few skills through writing residencies or short training courses, which is already quite remarkable. For others, however, it’s imperative to follow the classic route: school.


With this in mind, Afric’Art Progress aims to fill certain gaps by offering young people the opportunity to become professional artists.
The association’s aim is to help promote African culture through cinema, both nationally and internationally. Culture, as the distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional element that characterizes a society, is at the heart of this approach.

As such, the association aims to contribute to the development of African culture by encouraging the emergence of talented young filmmakers and highlighting African stories and perspectives through film.


Our Main Goal

Create a framework for cultural cooperation between African and world countries through the organization of an international festival to promote African cultures.

Our Specific Goals

– Contribute to the attractiveness of African cultures in the world by creating a framework for disseminating and promoting the artistic and cultural creations of professionals in the field.

– Create cultural cooperation between African countries and the rest of the world.

– Create a genuine cultural industry that creates jobs for African youth and generates foreign currency.

– Contribute to strengthening world peace by breaking down cultural barriers between peoples.

– Organize artistic and cultural performances for the benefit of rural populations through the festival;

– To run training workshops for young people on the techniques of creating and producing works of art;

– Forge links between artists of different nationalities.